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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 11, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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average of four or five games. the games showcase south africa's potential. it still has many problems, but it also has great potential, which was on display for all to see during this workup. something else we saw was a healthy nationalism, one you don't have to be scared by. as long as you are not standing next to an england fan who has just watched america score a goal against his team. thanks to all of you for being part of my program this week. i will see you next week. the barefoot bandit busted, caught in the bahamas after two years on the run. we're live with more on how he was finally captured. and talk about lucky, one woman just cashed in her fourth winning lottery ticket. that's in our 4:00 p.m. eastern hour. and coming up at 5:00, just
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give the iphone doc a call. he makes icalls. two huge developments we're following today in the gulf. bp is working around the clock to get a new, better-fitting cap on their runaway oil well, and a giant boat is actually moving into place that could start collecting oil sometime this afternoon. it's all pretty difficult and very complex, but here to help us better understand exactly what's going on both above and below the surface, we've got cnn producer vivian and meteorologistp4jackie. you've been watching this procedure very closely, studying every incremental change here. jackie, what is taking place today exactly? >> like you said, today is a crucial juncture, so maybe more immediately we're going to see a large recovery vessel trying to begin to process some of the oil today. this is called the helix producer.
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this is a larger vessel than some of the other ones we've seen, and bp has been working all week to get it hooked up. that could be on line today. the second big development we're seeing is the first part of the brand new permanent cap is being lowered sub-sea for placement early to mid-week. >> so the images we're about to see here, let's just look at this one more time. the old containment cap was removed yesterday, and to replace it, it's going to take a little bit of time today as they put this new cap in place. they have to bolt it down. we're kind of seeing images right here from the robotic cameras. those holes right there, that's where bolts would come down, correct? >> that's exactly it. so what bp is calling it is a flange transition spool. it's a huge structure. it's 12 feet tall. it weighs more than 12,000 to
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16,000. they're putting it in place and they'll have to bolt it down. >> there are six bolts, right? each bolt weighs over 50 pounds? >> yes. >> that's extraordinary. >> try to go to home depot for that. >> and it's an incredible undertaking, jackie. everything has to be in place, obviously the weather has to cooperate. but these are incredible dynamics at play. you're performing surgery a mile down below the surface and relying on the visibility of the cameras, the ability of these robotics to do their job. >> yeah, nobody can go down there because the pressure is so strong there, so it's dark out, it's hard to see, the oil is gushing and that also limits the visibility. but weather has been really, really critical in this. a week and two weeks ago, we had terrible conditions. we had alex, we had another tropical depression, and that really churned up the seas and prevented them from doing this process at that time and also stopped some of the containment efforts. now the weather has turned on a
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dime. this weekend it literally couldn't be better. the seas are very, very calm. the skimming operations are going on and that's what's allowing them to do these procedures. >> so the elements are in place. it seems picture perfect. what's the timeline here? >> well, you say picture perfect, but just be aware, we've seen a lot of bumps and snags along the way. if all things remain equal, this replacement progress began yesterday, and bp has said it could take as little as four days. so by wednesday, possibly, and again, as jackie said, if the weather stays the way it has been, calm seas, less wind, we could see it in place as early as wednesday. >> so by wednesday, the new containment cap in place, bolted down, it's secure, and of course people want to celebrate because potentially this means the oil wouldn't be gushing out because right now thousands of barrels of oil will be gushing out as they put the new containment cap in place. but that's not necessarily the case. this is not a permanent fix to the problem, right? >> that's exactly right.
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that distinction is important. it is a permanent cap and this is the final seal. it is expected to seal the well. now, eventually bp is going to run a test of what they call shut-in tests. they're going to try and completely seal this well up, but as you said or alluded to, the event wal fix will be this relief well. >> it's a critical component. >> it is, and it's ongoing. as we heard from admiral thad allen, they're actually making a lot of progress here. they may be done before that august deadline they've been talking about, so this could happen in the next couple weeks. they've been drilling these two relief wells, one on each side. >> it's hard to kind of envision all of this unless you see some kind of visual to help you. >> yeah, it really does make a difference because it really is very technical. by the way, if you're really, really interested in this, on bp's web site, there is a really
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good explanation from tent wells. it's about a six or seven-minute video if you want to take a look there. >> it's a complicated process still underway. it's very, very delicate. it really is surgery. >> it really s. these are cool underwater cameras and it's all robotics. it's cold, and i think we were talking earlier that the entire capping stock itself is more than 30 feet tall. it's going to weigh more than 136,000 pounds, just to give you an idea of the scope of what goes into this. >> we'll see you again later on. we'll see both of you throughout the day. thank you so much. appreciate it. well, bp may be in talks to sell up to $12 billion of its assets, including its big stake in alaska's prudhoe bay field.
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they're talking with the houston bay's apache corporation. apache tells cnn that it has no comment on any potential sale. but a sale may be a way for bp to actually raise money to pay for all of this taking place in this gulf spill. in the meantime, arizona's controversial immigration law has republicans and democrats locking horns. in a matter of weeks, the new law is said to take effect. and the finger-pointing continues as to who is to blame for the failure to get immigration reform done in washington. >> what is the president doing to promote an immigration bill this year? >> this is something we all agree on. the people of arizona are saying, hey, we want the federal government to live up to its responsibilities, and we are calling on those folks on the other side of the aisle who said in the past they thought this was an important issue to join
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us, and when they're willing, we'll be able to move forward. >> for more on this divisive debate, let's go to sandra endo. >> that was with candy krocrawl. he's saying it is entirely too risky given mid-term elections this fall. just to take a look at what's going on in arizona for a snapshot of how polarizing this is. a lawsuit was filed to try to keep the immigration law from going into effect, which is set for july 29. but independent congressman tom frank is coming down on the administration, saying the state was forced to take immigration matters into its own hands.
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>> what they're saying here is that, yes, it's racial profiling, but what they're actually suing on is that somehow arizona is preempting the federal government's responsibility. and the irony of that is that was the whole predicate. arizona had to do this because the federal government because they simply weren't doing it. >> immigration policy should not be limited by a patchwork of state laws. an arizona judge will hear the justice department's case on july 22nd and then decide whether or not the law will take effect. fred? >> all right, sandra, meantime, you are just back from arizona. did you get the sense that this very debate is as polarizing there as it is in washington? >> you bet, fred. everyone there has an opinion. whether they're in favor of the law saying something needs to be done to really combat legal immigration or whether they're on the other side in terms of
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saying this law goes too far, infringing on people's civil rights, or people down the middle saying, yeah, there needs to be a solution to the problem, but maybe this isn't the one. basically everyone we spoke to definitely had an opinion. >> all right, sandra endo, thanks so much in washington. something that can appeal to everybody, high-tech gadgets that can make your summer vacation just a little bit more memorable and comfortable. that's coming up right after this. does a former drill sergeant make a terrible therapist? patient: and that's why yellow makes me sad. i think. sarge: that's interesting. you know what makes me sad? you do! maybe we should chug on over to mambie pambie land where maybe we can find some self-confidence for you. ya jackwagon! tissue? crybaby. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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...featuring our entire stressless line. give yourself the gift of ultimate comfort. and where better to find it than from stressless, the innovators of comfort. call now for a free catalog and dvd featuring our entire stressless line. so if you plan to travel this summer, you'll want to know about several high h-tech gadge that can make your life easier and more fun on the road. we have mark here. good to see you, mark. >> nice seeing you, fredricka. >> you're in your car, relying on your gps and something different and a little more hip about what's available these days. >> absolutely. you can spice up that summer road trip by downloading
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celebrity voices to your tom-tom navigation gps unit. from homer simpson to john cleese to mr. t and star wars characters, you can have more fun with that invention. you can download darth vader. here's what you might hear when you're trying to find your friend's cottage. >> at the end of the road, turn left, and then at the end, a third right you must take. >> turn around when possible. i find your lack of faith disturbing. then take the third left. sense your way. >> after precisinge inly 500 ya turn right. then take your first left. it's your only hope.
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>> oh, that's fun. i like that. >> so a lot of fun. they're about $12.95 per pack, and you can download them from tomtom. >> so if you run out of juice on your cell phone, there is yet a new solution for you, right? >> there have been many battery packs that can double the life of the battery for the iphone, but i like this called the surge. it is the first apple-powered case. you can spice it up on the wall or on a computer, but it has a solar pack on the back to keep your phone powered by sun. it yields about 60 minutes talk
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time. >> all these accessories that go with the iphone, that's big money right there. >> it's a good one. about $70 for the ipod touch version and 80 for the iphone version. >> it's not cheap, either. but i guess ultimately it will save you in the long run. >> it will save aggravation, anyway. >> exactly. and sometimes time is money. all right, let's talk about destinations. of course, a lot of us, it involves the pool, the beach or something, and that means you want an waterproof camera to capture all the memories. >> there are a few waterproof cameras on the market. a very trendy category this year. this is a new one from sony called the tx-5. it's billed as the smallest waterproof camera. it's also freezeproof. if you live in the northern states and you leave your camera in the car on a cold day, it could break it. in this case, it won't.
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it's also dust-proof and shockproof, so if you drop it about a couple feet, you're okay. let's call it klutz-proof. >> then that is for me. >> this is only three-quarters inches thick, it's available in a multiple amount of colors, and it's not bulky. it is fully waterproof. >> those divers will really like that one. what about capturing some of these images underwater via video? >> sure. so that camera, by the way, is 329 and it will shoot video, but if you want something truly high-definition, for 149 this is the kodak play sport. this is one of those flip style video cameras, so they're pocket sized, and this shoots top of the line hd video onto one of those postage size memory cards which are sold separately. this is the first waterproof
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pocket size video cam that can be brought underwater, so more for, say, snorkeling than scuba diving. when you're done you connect it to your tv with a cable it comes with for high-definition viewing, or it comes with a cable to connect to the computer and upload to facebook or what have you. >> and that's kodak, you said? >> right. it's a neat little one available in black, purple or white. i've got the white one here. i use this with my kids at the pool or the lake. it's a lot of fun, and the quality is just amazing. for 150, i remember a couple years ago having one of those big camcorders with cables. that was easily $500. >> you're about to go on vacation yourself, so bon voyage, have a good one. >> thank you so much.
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his exploits have created a cult following on facebook, but now police say the alleged teen fugitive known as the barefoot bandit has been caught. a live report on his daring capture.
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checking our top stories right now, police say charges won't be filed in the fatal shooting of a california toddler. the two-year-old was accidentally shot by his nine-year-old brother yesterday. police say the boy was playing with a gun he found in his house when the gun went off. israel is warning an aid ship not to break its blockade of gaza. the ship backed by a charity
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group left greece yesterday. organizers say little carrying 2,000 tons of aid and could reach gaza in three days. israel calls the project a provocation. it comes more than a month after a deadly raid by israel's military against another aid ship. and bp is using robots to slowly position a new containment cap in place over that ruptured well head in the gulf. it is expected to take several days before the massive new cap is secured. meanwhile, crude oil is gushing freely into the gulf. bp says the new cap will contain most, if not all, of the oil flowing from that well. the barefoot bandit's days of eluding police are at an end. police say 19-year-old colton harris moore is behind bars in the bahamas. he was arrested early this morning after a dramatic high-speed boat chase. we're in new york with details of the capture. >> hi, fredricka.
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as you said, he's been on the run for about two years, and even his film rights have supposedly been sold to 20th century fox, so we'll be hearing a lot more about this in the days and weeks and months to come. but this is colton harris moore. he is only 19 years old. as you said, the barefoot bandit. he has been on the run criss-crossing five states we can think of, winding up in the bahamas. apparently what happened last night in the bahamas, and you're seeing file tape of him now, he, according to police and others who saw this happen, stole two boats and wound up on a high-speed foot chase and then it got onto water as well, and finally they had him trapped. he ran his boat aground, and in fact they shut off engines in the boat. according to police and others, at one point he put a gun to his head, but i am told the gun was not loaded, threatened to kill himself, and eventually police did take him into custody. it's been a wild ride for this
2:25 pm
young man. his saga started, as we said, almost two years ago. he pleaded guilty to three counts of burglary. he was sent to a juvenile detention center but managed to escape. he stole a plane at one point in idaho, flew to washington. he escaped, as i said, from this group home and then made his way across the country, even is indicted on a federal charge of stae stealing a plane in indiana, and then last week authorities say he took this plane, flew it to the bahamas and they were able to track him there because of a beacon that was on the stolen plane, and the u.s. coast guard traced it, tracked it to the bahamas where you saw and heard about the rest of it unfolding. so it's been quite a time. we talked with someone earlier today who told us it was his little 32-foot boat that was stolen by this young man, that they shot out the engines and
2:26 pm
that's when they were finally able to put the cuffs on him. what happens next? he will be arraigned in the bahamas, and we did speak earlier, there was a press conference earlier, with the bahamas national police, and here's what they said, summing up the arrest. okay, we don't have that after all, but they did say that they caught him without too much of an incident. he was not injured. they said he is in good health. he will be arraigned later this week, and eventually at some point is expected to be extradited to the united states. i talked with the assistant agent in charge of the fbi seattle office where this whole thing began, and i asked him for his reaction to the arrest as well as the fact that 58,000 people have signed up to be fans of his, followers of his, on facebook, and he said he really found that to be pitiful, that he's been made to be a hero in the eyes of so many people who think he's done a great thing to manage to elude the police all
2:27 pm
this time. but not anymore, he's in jail. >> susan, what does his family have to say? >> we tried to reach out to the mother. i don't believe we have talked to her yet, but one of our cnn affiliates has. she said she was proud of her son, actually. that's the quote coming to us from our cnn affiliate in seattle. >> wow. what an incredible story. suzie candiotti, thank you so much. the world cup final game is just moments away, and fans are simply going crazy. we'll take you live to amsterdam and madrid because those are the two teams that are in the quest in johannesburg. [ male announcer ] if you've had a heart attack caused by a completely blocked artery,
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all right, the world's most popular game is about to crown its grand champion. we're talking about the world cup, of course. spain and the netherlands are skwarg off in just moments in the final more than four-week-long tournament. games are underway, so, of course, everybody is there except us. but we do have a lot of folks watching from around the world, particularly in amsterdam as well as in madrid, so we're in amsterdam with the orange army, as you see right there, with the nice, orange topper, and dom is
2:31 pm
there with people in madrid. dom, let's go to you first. >> thank you very much. the atmosphere here for the last six or seven hours have been building up and it's been pretty much deafening all day. this is the main boulevard that runs through the center of madrid. they've kpleecompletely closed whole space off. everybody in madrid turned out here to watch the game. the young and old brought their pets. everybody is draped in the national colors, red and yellow of the flag, and these fans absolutely expect to win the world cup. they are the favorites for this game. >> oh, fantastic. glad to know they're the favorites. i know it's very noisy. perhaps you can still hear me. is there a giant screen that everyone is watching or many giant screens there in the crowd? >> something tells me it's just
2:32 pm
too noisy for dom to be able to hear me in madrid. is diana able to hear me in amsterdam? no. we're going to try to work out some technical issues. there are thousands of people who have descended on those two big cities, all watching what's transpiring there in johannesburg. we'll try to get back to diana in amsterdam momentarily. we'll have much more from the newsroom after this. on a new cadillac cts sport sedan... ..the most acclaimed vehicle in its class and a car and driver 10 best third year in a row. summer brings out the best in all of us, so now's the perfect time to get behind the wheel of a brand new cadillac. now during cadillac's summer's best sales event... get zero percent apr financing for 72 months or this attractive lease offer on a cts sport sedan.
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a look at our top stories right now, oil is gushing full force again in the gulf of mexico as bp works to replace the containment cap on the leaking well. robots are doing the work about a mile underneath the water. bp says the process is proceeding as planned and it could be finished three to six days from now. and sometime today another recovery vessel, the helix producer, is expected to begin collecting oil from the ruptured well. authorities hope it will reach full collection capacity within three days. that's 1.5 million gallons of oil per day. the barefoot bandit, colton
2:36 pm
harris moore, was captured in the bahamas. harris moore has been on the run since 2008 when he escaped from a juvenile halfway house in washington state, and he had been sentenced to three years in prison for burglary charges at the time. all right, congress is back to this week after the july 4th holiday break, and it has a lot of unfinished business on its plate. most of the action will take place in the senate where several high-profile items are staring senators right in the face. here to put it all in perspective for us is cnn political director paul ste steinhauser. good to see you, paul. okay, they're back after a long break. what exactly is on the agenda? >> they have a lot and they have to do it all before three or four weeks and their summer vacation, summer break. democrats are looking to try to come together on extending unemployment benefits for a lot of americans who are out of work right now. also up, financial reform bill.
2:37 pm
democrats are close to getting this passed but they're not there yet. they're trying to get a couple republicans on board. and of course, theie line a kagan confirmation vote. they hope to vote on that before they break. >> the senate is down one member, so what might change for them this week? >> yeah, this is crucial because it was about two weeks agatha the late senator byrd passed away, the longest serving u.s. senator in history from west virginia. democrats can really use that vote, so they'll be looking to west virginia governor joe mansion this week to see if he names a temporary replacement for byrd in the senate, and he may announce this week that he may run for byrd's seat in the special election in november. so all eyes will be looking to west virginia this week. >> he's very popular, isn't he? >> very popular governor out there, true democrat.
2:38 pm
>> john mccain has been popular a long time, too, only now he's actually facing a tough race. >> yeah, he's got a tough reelection battle. it's a primary challenge from the right. so later this week, senator mccain will be debating his opponent for the first time. the primary is in late august, and that opponent is former radio talk show host and former congressman j.d. hayward. so we'll keep our eyes on that debate. that campaign has been pretty rough out there in arizona. >> speaking of campaigns, harry reid got maybe a shot in the arm from president obama last week. we know the president over the next few weeks is going to be very busy trying to campaign for other democrats, particularly incumbents, who want to hold onto their seats come november. >> a lot of stakes in the white house. they want to keep a democratic majority in the house and senate so they can get more democratic issues passed. you'll be seeing a lot more on
2:39 pm
the campaign trail helping out fellow democrats between now and election day which is now less than four months away. >> i wonder if there is any kind of reticence on the white house's parlt given his approval ratings have dipped quite a bit. might he be more of a burden than an asset to some of these democrats who need help in fundraising? >> that's the question, would he hurt more than help in some states where it's more conservative to moderate electric tore at? nevertheless, he still helps big time with the election. st >> paul steinhauser, good to see you this lovely sunday. icon and queen of exploitation films. who are we talking about? pam greer. she's been called them all and now she can add this title to her resume: author. greer's memoir documents her life, loves and those
2:40 pm
unforgettable movie roles. >> how about i read a portion where you kind of explain what black exploitation was all about. you talk about the plot, kind of black's exploitation. >> you hear waca, waca, you know it's me. >> pam grier straight ahead. i'm darryl willis. i oversee bp's claims process on the gulf coast. bp has got to make things right and that's why we're here. we're replacing the lost income for fishermen, small businessmen and others who aren't able to work until the spill is cleaned up.
2:41 pm
we've agreed to create a $20 billion claims fund, administered independently. our claims line is open 24 hours a day. i volunteered for this assignment because this is my home. i'll be here in the gulf as long as it takes to make this right.
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. all right, the world cup final is underway right now. the netherlands are taking on spain, and so far, the score, zip-zip. who knows what could happen in the next few minutes or hours. the dutch, by the way, though, have won every game at this world cup so far. they're the only team to actually do that. cnn's donna magnate is in johth netherlands where they're hoping their team will win. >> it has mostly been inside and they're playing a very, very
2:44 pm
aggressi aggressive, attacking game. in america, soccer isn't too much loved, but these games are very, very exciting and these fans are so excited about the possibility of winning a world cup trophy. you know, they've been in the finals twice before and they have never won, so that's why they're hoping that 32 years was the last time they were in the finals and this time might just be able to clinch a victory. they would be the only team to be three times in the finals and never to have won. you can imagine how exciting that is for them. >> they're hoping the third time is the charm, then. i just asked dom in madrid, how are they there? are they watching it by jumbo screen or what? >> fredricka, if you're talking to me, i can't really tell because it's so loud. i'm going to give you a quick
2:45 pm
pan of the fans. they've been out here for the last eight hours. there are around 150,000 fans here, we think. and they love the color orange. these fans went crazy. i've seen fake orange eyelashes, i've seen wigs, i've seen the most fantastic outfits. and they've been partying for the last four hours like they've won the world cup already. for that you have to hope that they do. an amazing spectacle behind me and amazing 90 minutes. >> donna in the thick of it in amsterdam where they're hoping the third time is the charm. i'm not going to ask questions because it's obvious, they can't hear us. we can see folks are out there enjoying themselves nonetheless. it's not often you get to have a face-to-face conversation
2:46 pm
with a true icon of the '70s, but i did get a chance to sit down with one of the first action heroes, pam grier. she's probably best known for her role as foxy brown in 1974, but her career spans four decades. >> pam grier, foxy, my life is three acts. three acts, but there seems to be this continuum, this thread, that really says you've been a survivor from the very beginning. >> they will see that. i can share my intimacies and hope that others will learn from them, but i can give them that great gift of life. and being a cancer survivor, tomorrow is not guaranteed. i'm a gift that i'm here. and you'll read about intense pain and struggle and abandonment. >> people look at pam grier, they think of foxy brown,
2:47 pm
coffee, and they think they know pam grier. they think those characters are you. >> this strong woman, take no prisoners, i'm not going to take anything from anyone, but little do people know until they read this memoir that the pain that you experienced, you mentioned your childhood, at the early age of six as a rape victim, and it's repeated again when you're 18. >> what i realize is that even -- there was the first event, the molestation, rape, and the third one was the one where i fought, and i could trigger something in this man that he could take my life. i had an instinct for survival. and throughout these instances, the third time changed me into this i'm going to risk my life to save my life. now, i have already suffered
2:48 pm
pain. i've already been there. and it was not easy or effortless to portray those characters in the films again, but i had already suffered the pain so it wouldn't be so bad. >> how did you make it look so effortless? because i think people who watched you thought you are that woman, that little effortless. >> not at all. i was frightened underneath. >> my name is coffin. >> the black exploitation, there was a lot of different connotations that came with that. sometimes it was very liberating and there were people who felt very uncomfortable with it. >> how do we get people in the seats to see these messages? the movement was mini skirts and burning of bras and woodstock, and free love, love, love, and that was one of the messages. then we had the black panther message, which was very em
2:49 pm
powering to learn how to fish for yourself. they didn't want affirmative action. they didn't want to be given to. another message. then you had several films before mine done, shot with male leads. they were, you know, sports figures, quite a few were done, but they weren't called black exploitation until a woman steps into the men's shoes, and she's posturing like a man negatively. >> did you feel comfortable with it? >> i said, let's dialogue, let's talk, let's get in here. >> how about if i have you read a portion where you kind of describe what black exploitation is all about. you talk about the plot, kind of what -- >> you mean when i step into a room and you hear waca, waca, waca, you know it's me? >> here she comes, pam grier. >> they are hood garb and they
2:50 pm
represented fashion glamour via the street thrown in. it is common to create a female character angry and less conflicted that her male counterpart to destroy a structure that caused pain and harm to herself and her family. >> so why did being in that for you feel good, feel powerful? >> it didn't feel good. but it made people feel uncomfortable if you show the problem as opposed to ignore it and keep it under the rug. then you can heal. you can say, time to stop. look what we're doing. we're in a land of abundance, the civil rights movement. we should be celebrating all of the rights won. and we're still going through that. the hypocrisy i've seen in my
2:51 pm
kitchen. >> later pam grier opens up about richard pryor. >> richard starts spouting off dialogue from foxy brown. hi, how are you. >> that would be me. >> he knew the dialogue. he says, you do know this blank blank, beep beep. >> all affectionately, of course. >> face to face with pam grier at 4:00 and 5:00 eastern today. a rare solar eclipse today that you can see only in a very remote part of the world. we've got a preview coming up next. strike. a heart attack that's caused by a clot, one that could be fatal. but plavix helps save lives. plavix, taken with other heart medicines, goes beyond what other heart medicines do alone, to provide greater protection against heart attack
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he's become a relic, so to speak. there's only one doctor left in new york city who still makes
2:55 pm
house calls, and he's got plenty of patients, people suffering from serious iphone withdrawal. we have more on the man who is reviving iphones and ipads. he's known around town as dr. brendan, and if your iphone looks like this or this, he can bring it back to life. >> suffers from liquid damage. there's generally not an iphony can't fix. >> if it's crushed, busted, broken, 28-year-old brendan m k mcelroy says he'll fix it and he'll charge less than what apple charges. after dropping his own iphone while bartending last year, he searched the web and taught himself how to fix it. >> i'll be honest, i butchered it a bit. >> he's not a real doctor, but a
2:56 pm
self-pro claimed tinkerer who zips from customer to customer on his motorcycle. >> this is my fourth house call today. >> this emergency call is at the hospital. >> there's this problem with the lcd screen where there is a scrape in the middle. >> 10 minutes, $75 and it's done. >> want an m&m? >> but there's one catch. having your phone fixed outside of apple could void your warranty. >> apple is a total hassle to me. the one time i went in there, you have to schedule the appointment, you wait, they tell you they can't fix it. >> next stop, back home to more customers. >> what's up with your phone? >> i dropped it. >> oh, no. >> it's a story he hears over and over again. >> were you very upset? >> no. >> some people break down and cry. >> it takes a tiny screwdriver, a razor blade, and, of course, the screen. >> courtesy of china. and that is a new iphone screen
2:57 pm
there. >> wow, that's pretty amazing stuff. brendan hasn't spent a single dollar on advertising and now goes to customers as far away as greece. he's opening up a store this fall and says he's hiring those businesses down with an iphone just released, meaning there haven't been many problems they're complaining about. the new iphone is constructed better so it just might break less. i wonder if that means it will put him out of business, then. thousands of tourists and scientists are on chile's easter island. they're hoping to catch a glimpse of a rare solar eclipse. this is a video of a previous eclipse. today's will only be visible over several parts of chile and argentina and parts of the east pacific. a total eclipse happens when the
2:58 pm
moon passes below the sun and the earth. really beautiful. i haven't seen it live and in person, but when i see it on video, really beautiful. >> you have to wear those special glasses because you can really damage your eyes and it's a really small area that will be able to see it. the best viewing was actually easter island and there was this huge following where people do this as a tourism thing. they'll do this for their vacation and plan it with the timing of the solar eclipse. the next total eclipse, by the way, doesn't happen until 2012 in november. so you've goatt a ways to go. if you're planning your next vacation, you may want to take that into account. we've got stormy conditions across parts of the midwest. you can see the watches. our little sliver of a tornado watch from about kansas city extending to the st. louis area, a couple thunderstorms, two of them that are severe and they're producing some damaging winds and probably some good hail with this one, too. we've seen a little weakening of this storm reach towards clinton but you have to wait indoors for
2:59 pm
these storms to pass. this will be ongoing. into your early evening hours before that threat diminishes. you can see the threat stretching from the midwest, minnesota and wisconsin into parts of oklahoma and arkansas as well. take a look at what's going on across the northeast. what a bum measumer of a day yo with that cold front passing through. still some lingering rain showers in massachusetts, the boston area had major flooding yesterday. much dryer air back in the picture. the good thing about that fronts is it's cooling temperatures in the southeast, but we're still dealing with heat in the south. heat advisory in new orleans and biloxi. it will feel like 105 degrees this afternoon. temperatures continue to stay warm across the south and you'll be back into the 90s in the northeastern quarter. a quick look at your back to work forecast tomorrow.


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